Whole-Slide Imaging Analytics Laboratory

WSIAnalytics Lab offers a whole-slide imaging service that provides high-resolution brightfield slide scanning, processing, and analysis by software algorithms and board-certified pathologists. The Lab accepts glass slides and produces whole-slide digital images in SVS format as well as publication-quality files ready for inclusion in papers and posters. Annotations, commentary and analysis by machine-learning algorithms and board-certified pathologists, such as nuclear/membrane IHC staining quantifications, may be requested.

We use an Aperio ScanScope CS system with proprietary image analysis software. The scanner is capable of 40x magnification for dry scans and 60x for oil scans. The system is connected to a secured storage array that provides long-term storage for slide images — ideal protection for slides that degrade over time.

Free Viewer

The free ScanScope viewer (for Microsoft Windows only) allows for a variety of slide image manipulations

  • Instantly pan and zoom to any region of the slide
  • View multiple digital slides concurrently
  • Apply image adjustments in real time for contrast, brightness, and gamma
  • Rotate digital slide images and labels
  • Use Aperio Integrated Color Management to view digital slides to ensure they are displayed in accurate color
  • Use the Image Quality feature to optimize viewing of a digital slide based on its stain
  • Extract a region or selected regions of a digital slide to a file in a choice of formats
  • Annotate digital slides

Image Analysis

The lab offers slide analysis and commentary by board-certified pathologists

  • Cell counting
  • Nuclear IHC staining quantification
  • Membrane IHC staining quantification
  • IHC staining co-localization
  • Micro-vessel analysis (Angiogenesis)
  • Rare event detection
  • Automatic detection of specific histological structures using machine learning algorithms (Genie)

We also offer a priority/rush service, re-slipping of damaged slides, and limited assistance with Aperio ScanScope viewer software.


Misha Kovalenko, WSI Specialist
M281 Medical Sciences Building
Columbia, MO 65212
Phone (573) 884-0412
Fax (573) 884-4612
E-mail: wsianalytics@missouri.edu